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MacDiarmid Sails - B14s

MacDiarmid Sails have featured heavily in the B14 class since it's inception. Originally a one design class with factory supplied sails, the class developed into more of an open class with a choice of sail supplier. MacDiarmid Sails continued with the class and developed new pattens that have continually be refined over the years where numerous State and Nationals titles have been won by sailors using our sails.

Long time staff member Shane Guanaria has been actively involved over the years having owned and campaigned a boat in the past. His development over that time helped our sailors acheive a clean swwep of the National titles that year taking out 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall.

Our mainsails have proved to be equally adept to both the heavier and lighter crews with both having had considerable success. They are powerful in the light while being easily depowered in the upper range with use of cunningham and vang tension. MacDiarmid sails can offer mainsail cuts to suit both the alloy and carbon fiber masts as well as a choice of either a radial cut mylar or cross cut dacron jibs. The jibs have a nice deep entry that gives the helmsman a wide groove to steer too. they have 3 tapered full length battens that hold the sails design shape for longer. Our spinnakers have been refined over the last season to allow them to run deeper angles downwind. they are full tri-radial using silicon coated nylon.

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